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RHK - Global Eco Action Celebration

RHK invited MA customers to make their green pledges at the Regional Global Eco Action Website. Series of invitation were sent via emails and through Facebook advertisement. Environmental practices and green initiatives were also part of the sharing while engaging customers.

Ricoh Hong Kong - Ricoh Global Eco Action Day 2017

To encourage all customers and staff to go green on Ricoh Global Eco Action, RHK conducted the following activities to promote this initiative on June 5, 2017.

- Blast out eDMs to promote and introduce Ricoh’s new Regional Eco Action Day website

- Engage MA customers to support this campaign through making eco pledges.

Eco Action Day

To encourage all customers as well as staffs to go green on Eco Action Day, Ricoh Hong Kong blasted out eDMs to promote this green initiatives on 5th June 2015.


Some of the staffs wore green clothes on this day to show their support for this meaningful event.